water treatment

Multiple drinking water treatment filter:

The aggressive carbonic acid contained in the distillate reacts on filtering with activated dolomite to

calcium- and magnesium bicarbonate. The pure water is only delivered with substances that are accepted in accordance with the ”Regulations about the Addition of External Substances on preparing of Drinking Water” (Drinking Water Treatment Regulation) issued on December 19, 1959 and in accordance with DIN 2000 and DIN 2001.

On applying activated dolomite for the reharding of the distillate the hardness increases by approx.

1 ° dH/10 g carbonic acid bound off. In order to make up a working cost calculation, it can be estimated with sufficient accuracy that by using of 10 g carbonic acid bound off, approx. 13 g of activated dolomite material will be consumed. The rehardening comes up to approx. 2 - 3 ° dH. The consumption of activated dolomite material will be approx. 50 - 70 g/t distillate. The operating time is approx.

1000 h until refilling is needed.

As activated dolomitic material acts sensitively when in contact with iron and manganese compounds, there is a layer of hydro-anthracite included to maintain its  deacidizing function. In parallel, hydro anthracite is also used to improve the taste of the drinking water, as istilled water is likely to have a rotten taste.

A- Rehardening Filter

B- Inlet Nozzle 1”

C- Outlet Nozzle 1”

D- Sight Glass

E- Filling Hole 80 x120 mm

F- Discharge Flange DN 125

G- Safety Valve (3.5 bar)

H- Pressure Gauge

I- Automatic Vent Valve

1) From F.W. Generator

2) Potable Water

3) Bypass

4) Backwashing

5) Drain

6) Boiler Feed Water


Activated Dolomite Hydro Anthracite

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