Features and advantages of UV-sterilizing plants:

- Ultraviolet rays destroy all harmful germs immediately.

- No chemicals or other substances are added to the water.

- Neither the chemical composition nor the taste or smell of the water is altered by UV treatment.

- UV disinfection, by its nature, presents no risk of over-dosage.

- UV units operate on a very low current consumption.

Running costs and maintenance requirements are negligible.


The standard units for the capacities 3 m3/h, 5m3/h and 9 m3/h distinguish themselves by:

- Compact shape - little space needed.

- Fully preassembled and ready wired for instant switch-on.

- Radiation chamber of steel pipe 1.4571 material (equals V4A, AISI 316).

- Perfected high intensity UV-radiator with guaranteed service life.

- Novel quick service aqua jacket sealing - easy to handle for inspection - no fracture risk.

- UV-monitoring system with pre-alarm

- Easy, single wall mounting of switchboard and chamber, no fixing devices needed.


Fields of application:

- communities

- industrial plants

- on board of seagoing vessels

- household

- sanitory sector deep wells

- airconditioning/air washer sector

- water treatment plants

- service water disinfection (rain water cisterns, etc.)

New Products


The GERMIX MD is a new product offering designed
specifically to meet the demands/rigors of contractor
and aggregate dredging.

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