HFO Booster Modules


Today all the ships are using heavy fuel oil high viscosity and bad quality due to the fuel price and the owners´ need for low cost operation.

The only way to ensure proper treatment of fuel oil and to protect the main and auxilliary engines is to install in the fuel oil system the equipment for heavy oil fuel conditioning. To reduce the building cost of the ships, shipyards are requesting that all of the equipment required for the conditioning/treatment of HFO be installed on one unit/module.

The Heavy Fuel Booster Module is the complete solution for fuel oil treatment between the daily service tanks and main propulsion as well as auxiliary engines.

The philisophy of the system is to have a self-contained unit provided with all the equipment required, as requested by the customer, ensuring trouble-free operation with a minimum of installation and adjustment work. This approach demands a high degree of flexibility for the mechanical as well as the electrical equipment when designing the module.

The modules are designed according to:

- Engine maker´s requests and shipowner´s operational standards

- Specific Engine Room design requirements

- Simple installation (all connections made according to particular engine room layout, easy to mount and to put in function).

Before delivery all the modules are fully tested and certified in presence of requested Class Surveyor.

F.O. Booster unit for M.E.

F.O. Booster unit for A.E.

Turbocharger lubrication oil module



Fuel oil conditioning unit for boiler´s burner



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