Power Transmission Systems

Electric motor or diesel engine

Normally a flexible coupling will be installed between the electric motor (or diesel engine) and

the transmission shaft and a flexible coupling will be installed between the transmission shaft

and the cargo pump. The length piece of the spacer coupling, if required, enables an easy dismantling

of the cargo pump, motor or gastight bulkhead gland, if the bearings have to be renewed

Diesel engine

If a diesel engine is provided as driver, which will also be used for generator-drive and/or

as main power source, then a highly elastic coupling with a clutch has to be installed between

diesel engine and gastight bulkhead gland (see sketch).

The combination of a highly elastic coupling with a manually or pneumatically operated

clutch ensures relatively short mounting lengths and will be preferred especially on small

tankers. A spacer type flexible coupling will be recommended for the installation between

gastight bulkhead gland and cargo-pump in this arrangement too. The system arrangement

from diesel engine power take-off to the cargo pump driving shaft will be selected by us

and a torsional vibration calculation will be carried out to ensure the proper operation of

the selected system components.

New Products


The GERMIX MD is a new product offering designed
specifically to meet the demands/rigors of contractor
and aggregate dredging.