LQA Part-turn Electric Actuators
LQk Part-turn Electric Actuators

MQA series electric actuators with a goodly appearance provide a reliable position control of butterfly, ball valves, as well as similar ones.

MQA series electric actuators can provide high reliability and good applicability through many years of practice and development.
MQA series electric actuator equipped with motor and handwheel can be power or manual operated.
MQA series is supplied with limit and torque switch. The motor, terminal strip, limit and torque switch are mounted in a aluminum alloy cover. Wiring, debugging and repairing could be running when the cover is unbolted.
For the adoption of the planetary gear, the shift from manual to motor operation is fully automatic and no hand/auto lever is provided.
Main Technical Parameter
Power: 380VAC / 3 phase / 50Hz , 220VAC / single phase / 50Hz
Output torque: 50~800 Nm
Output speed: 7.5~30 S/90deg
Range of travel: 90 ±10 deg
Enclosure : IP54(GB4028)
Temperature: - 20 ~ + 40 deg C
A push-button box could be provided with the standard unit to open/close the actuator in site.
The VPT module could be provided to feed 4~20mADC analog signal proportional to valve position.



New Products


The GERMIX MD is a new product offering designed
specifically to meet the demands/rigors of contractor
and aggregate dredging.