Cargo pump installation

Cargo pump installation



How the Cargo pump works:

Sketch -1-

Discharging of cargo via discharge piping at always the maximum capacity possible,

caused by using the pressure-controlled hydraulic system delivered by the


Sketch -2-

Stripping will be done by using air, nitrogen or inert gas to pressurize the discharge pipe


the pump impeller (acting as a check valve) at a low speed, contents of the discharge pipe

will be discharged via the stripping line.

Sketch -3-

Remains of suction well and stripping line will meet Solas regulations.

Cargo pump installation

1. Delivery:


Tested and set at requirements

Easy to install

2. Installing:

Central connection to pipe work

Central connection to power supply

Central connection control system

3. Operation:

Windows program

Control panel where required

BUS-system to components

4. Controlling:

Indicators where necessary

On-line system control possible

On-line trouble shouting possible

5. Maintenance:

The system is set up for maximum liability operation.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

All used conents are ‘’standard“ components, this means that when a problem

occurs, spare parts can be bought locally. With the extra On-Line control, troubleshooting

can be done ‘’on-line“.

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